Spinning Ball Ricardo Ghekiere

How I can help you grow

Go from strategy to execution while maintaining scalable processes

Experiment design & venture validation

Venture validation for (corporate) accelerators who are looking for product/channel/model-market fit through in-market testings.

Rapid Validation & Automation

Using the latest no-code and automations tools to validate assumptions quicker than your competitors (unless they hire me first).

Create your funnel from scratch

Creating your growth AARRR funnel from scratch to acquire, retain and upsell users to increase your Customer Life Time Value.

Recruit your
growth team

Recruit and retain the best in class growth team with the right mindset to further validate, test and scale experiments across the entire funnel.

Looking To Scale Your Business with high-tempo testing?

My Recent Blog Posts

I write about user growth, analytics, growth strategies and
hands-on tactics to implement within your marketing strategy