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Hands-on Freelance Growth Marketer with over 7 years experience in entrepreneurship, marketing and building teams.
Go from strategy to execution while maintaining scalable processes and happy people.

Hi there, I am Ricardo Ghekiere

When I was 11, I stepped into the world of entrepreneurship. Back then, I wanted my parents to stop smoking by hiding their cigarettes. The next day I realised older kids were willing to pay a premium per cigarette to avoid buying a full pack (and being caught by their parents). Allowing me to make my first money flipping cigarettes per piece to afford my weekly burger.

Today, I apply the same principles to create growth by capturing and creating demand for your product/service.

Current Country: Dubai.
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch with a notion of Mandarin, Hindi, Russian and German.
Contact: hello@ricardoghekiere.com
Phone: +971 58 149 5657

Validate - Experiment design & venture validation

Venture validation for (corporate) accelerators who are looking for product/channel/model-market fit through in-market testings.

Grow - Create your funnel from scratch

Creating your growth AARRR funnel from scratch to acquire, retain and upsell users to increase your Customer Life Time Value.

Build - Rapid Validation & Automation

Using the latest no-code and automations tools to validate assumptions quicker than your competitors (unless they hire me first).

Scale - Recruit your growth team

Recruit and retain the best in class growth team with the right mindset to further validate, test and scale experiments across the entire funnel.


Head of Paid Social @ Upthrust.eu (growth hacking agency)


In my role, I lead 6 squad members in what is called the Omelette Du Fromage squad. A multi-disciplined team to take on any challenge to grow companies and take on projects.

Simultaneously I also lead the digital team of 5 people at Sodexo where I am responsible for revenue growth through our digital efforts reporting directly to the Marketing Manager.

Some of the companies I was honoured to work with or coach are:

B2B SaaS: Billit, Albacross, Skedify, Spott, Travelperk, SD Worx (multiple projects), Ponto, Protime, Covidence, Skipr, Hotmix, ...

B2B: Cinionic (Barco), Barco, Experis (Manpower), Lansweeper, Teal Partners, Cloudpay, Didak, Gudrun Chocolate, Sodexo, Bpost Landmark, Ansell, Kortrijk Expo, Gem One, Stumabo, ...

B2C: Averbode, Rabobank, Coach Invest, Engie, Schneider Electric, Pfizer, Kortrijk Expo, ING, Poppy, Telenet, Avail App, Nanex, ...

Joined when the team was 11 people, finishing 2021 with 74 people. Growing past 10M+ in revenue.

Co-founder @ Saasmic.io & Fast Forward (B2B SaaS agency, acquired by Upthrust)

2014 - 2019

Full Funnel Marketing for B2B SaaS companies.We partner with B2B SaaS companies to work as an extend of your marketing team.

- Growth Experimentation & Go To Market Strategies
- LinkedIn Inbound & Outbound Execution
- Analytics Set Up
- Paid Acquisition
- CRM & Marketing Automation Implementations
- Side Project Marketing

Founder @ Worcc (Saas)


HR Software that empowers recruiting firms increase their retention rate. Software build for humans to actually use. One of my many failures I was able to learn and get back up from. Project stopped due to founders falling apart.

Founder @ Alchemistbox.eu (Ecommerce)

2016 - 2018

Started as a student project because I didn’t want to write my thesis, sold in February 2018.
The idea was simple, I didn't know how to create cocktails and neither could other people. Say hello to the Hellofresh of Cocktails.
I went from an idea in a shoebox pitching on markets looking at how nobody wanted to buy any box, to pivoting the Alchemistbox towards the perfect gift experience and partnering up with the biggest Online Men Shop online, Luxuryformen and +100 stores in Belgium.

Business Developer @ Pop Meals (Full-stack delivery)

2015 - 2016

Rethinking Food Delivery through a full stack delivery model. Think of Deliveroo, just with their own industrial kitchen. Was responsible for operations, new business development and 34+ riders.
Transition from startup to scale up as I was sleeping in the same place as the founders at that time to give you an idea. :)

Founder @ Sister Bean (Coffee bar)

2014 - 2015

Dropped out of school when I was 21 to start my entrepreneurial journey, with 6 full-time employees and +10 students. Sold shares in September 2015. Went back to school to finish what I started.

Realising that most of the products in the world already exist, we had to think different to enter the coffee shop market.
We did this by taking existing ideas and combining them together. With Sister Bean we are combining 3 simple things into one place: Homemade Food, Great Coffee and healthy take-away.
Turnover: 600k per year with a net revenue of 13%. (one location) + Coffee Container + location at my very own school (Thomas More)

Deciding what I wanted to do with my life


Moved to China (Beijing) on my 18th birthday to learn Mandarin.
Moved to India (Varanasi) 6 months later to learn Hindi.
Studied International Entrepreneurship in Belgium.

Advertising platforms

I ran my first ad with my own money in 2014 with a horrible return on investment. A much needed lesson to spark my interest in how to grow companies with paid ads.

CRM and Marketing Automation platforms

When running my first ad in 2014, I realized something very crucial. Only 3% of people are ready to buy your solution right now. The rest, needs further education to buy from you the first time or upsell them into other products. Started out with Mailchimp all the way to more advanced tools like Hubspot and Salesforce.

Analytics and Dashboarding platforms

Running growth is not just about getting things done, but also measuring what's working, analyse where needed and communicated to external and internal stakeholders how you are doing. What's the point of keeping all the juicy stuff to yourself anyways?

My opinion doesn't matter, but theirs do.

Discover why you would work with me based on real reviews.

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Jeremy Engelen - Senior Marketer Upthrust

Ricardo is the person to talk to when discussing B2B growth strategy. Always in a good mood and available to support you, he manages to motivate and make his team have fun. I've lost count of the number of laughs we have had together.A good delegator, he ensures that all projects run smoothly, but also that his team develops and reaches the next level in terms of skills. He shows that he cares about his teammates and their aspirations/ambitions.I am very happy to be a part of his team and to share good times with him!

Louis Buysse - Specialist in Modern Art

A friend, an entrepreneur. Ricardo is for me personally a guy to describe as a good friend with an ethical balance of life. Hes multi-cultural back ground fund him as a diversify person, who can handle on various standards.This fundamental aspects form him to who he is. He’s ambition of taking action in what he believes catogize him as a entrepreneur i believe in.I wish you good luck with future projects.

Andrei Zinkevich - Founder Fullfunnel.io

I'm not tech guy when it comes to marketing so I was lucky when I first met Ricardo.Ricardo is exact kind of marketer who knows how to build the systems, automate and simplify processes, find new tools and ways for solving marketing challenges that every entrepreneur has.If I can call somebody as a growth hacker, Ricardo is the first person who comes to mind.But don't take my words, just check Ricardo's guides. They can describe him as a brilliant-minded marketer and growth hacker much better than me :)

Wes Bush - Founder Productled

Ricardo has a get-shit-done attitude that is contagious. What I like about him is he doesn't jump to conclusions quickly but takes time to form his own conclusions. When it comes to his work, Ricardo knows that growth is both an art and science. He doesn't just run experiments but knows how to build them from the ground up. In my opinion, Ricardo has the rare ability to set up a solid analytics stack and write copy that captures your imagination.

Alex Glenn- Founder Partnerprograms.io

Ricardo is a legend in the B2B SaaS growth game. I admire his creative strategy, but what really separates Ricardo from the back is his diligence leading up to a new project and his attention to data throughout. He treats every client with the same respect and devotion he'd give his own company.

Denis Oakley - Pop Meals

Ricardo is awesome. He brings a huge amount of passion and energy to tasks and he gets stuff done. No matter how chaotic or unstructured the environment Ricardo is able to make a change and build something out of nothing!!!!

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