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A quick glance on what is part of the template

Copy Blocks

Gather the right input from stakeholders, align on the objectives and start building your first draft

Heuristic questions

Run the 5-second test to test the first impression of your page, and draw insights from your interviews on what is missing.

Upfront Research Questions

Example questions you can ask different stakeholders like customers, sales, or customer success to draw extra insights for your page.

Landing Page Checklist

60 points to check off before finalizing your page check based on the steps the page is being created

Extra Resources to improve your craft

Extra links to draw inspiration from pages, get better in writing copy, or optimize pages on best practices. 

Why was this template created?

In my 7+ years in growth, I have personally created or coached over 1000+ landing pages

And let’s be honest with ourselves, creating high-converting landing pages is both an art and a science. 

This is because it draws in so many aspects of marketing together into 1 page, going from psychology and market research all the way to technical implementations to track conversions. 

But in the essence, each page always has the same key elements and always the same questions that return:

1. Can you check the page if I missed anything?
2. Do you have any best practices when designing the page?
3. Should I add a CTA here or not?

Or questions that come from people like me when building the pages with the team: 

1. Did you check if it’s mobile-friendly?
2. Did you check if the marketing automation is connected with the form?
3. Did you check if the building blocks of the page are created based on the awareness level of the user?

It's tiring and sometimes even demotivating to come back to these things over and over again.

Designed for busy people like you

It’s really hard to great design great converting landing pages, let alone manage the entire process.

Product Owners

Looking to gain more control in creating and managing landing pages at scale with while gathering enough input from each stakeholder.

Growth Teams

Looking to create a scalable and repeatable process of creating pages together with their teams for new and ongoing campaigns without loosing focus on the essence.

Agency Owners

Looking to add Landing Pages to their offering in the best scalable way while providing enough guidance to their teams to deliver.