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How to reverse engineer content ideas for LinkedIn posts using Quora

April 1, 2022

When people read my LinkedIn Content Marketing Book, there is an always recurring question.

I know I should be posting content on LinkedIn, but what should I write about?

This blog will help you answer:

1. What to write about on LinkedIn.

2. How to use Quora (a very famous question-and-answer website) to write more relevant content for your audience.

The structure

If you look at content marketing from a broad perspective, you’ll find 3 layers.

1. Topic clusters
2. Subtopics of those topic clusters
3. Related questions based on these subtopics.

Here is an example on how you can use this structure for your business.

A topic cluster for example could be "B2B Marketing".

The problem with blogging about B2B marketing is that it’s very general topic, which leads to low quality content such as ‘5 tips to boost your content marketing efforts’.

These posts might be great for inspiration, but have close to zero value for the reader.

To make more relevant content, we need to divide those global clusters into subtopics.

Subtopics of B2B Marketing are for example:

– Market Segmentation;
– Ideal Customer Profiling;
Competitor Analyses;
– USP development;
LinkedIn Content Marketing.

Topics that are easier to write about, while increasing the value for the reader because they are focussed around a subtopic.

Once we defined our subtopics, our goal is to find questions related to them.

One of them could be the one you are reading about right now: ‘How to use Quora to find more relevant questions to use in my LinkedIn content marketing?’.

A question I was asked after my LinkedIn Workshop, which encouraged me to write this piece of content.

To recap the structure:

1. Global topic: B2B Marketing
2. Subtopic: LinkedIn Content Marketing
3. Question related to subtopic: How to use Quora to write better content for my LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy?

Here is how to find relevant questions to write about using Quora.

Using Quora to reverse engineer your content ideas for LinkedIn

To start, go to Ads Manager in your Quora account. or use tools like Qapop

Don’t worry, we are not actually going to pay for ads 🙂

Ads manager – Ricardo Ghekiere

Create your first campaign in the right corner.

Fill in the 3 required fields, no need to actually set this up right.

Press continue.

Pick ‘Question targeting’

Click on ‘Add Questions’.

Enter the keywords based on your SEO research or keywords you want to write about based on subtopics.

Press continue to get the list of questions.

What you’ll have now are the most viewed questions around the keywords you want to write about.

Now you know exactly what type of questions people wonder around the topic you are an expert in.

Questions you can answer on Quora to send traffic to your website.

Questions you can now use to create better content around the subtopics you want to create thought leadership on LinkedIn and kickstart your LinkedIn Content Strategy from scratch.

No need to reinvent the wheel.

Yet, there is always one question that is left unanswered during the workshop:

“When should I start Content Marketing for my company?”

My answer is always the same.

The moment you have identified which problem you are going to solve for your target audience.

If your product creates better user onboarding for Software Companies. Here is how your structure will look like:

Topic cluster: User onboarding
Subtopic: Aha Moment (the moment people realise your software is just what they needed).
Questions around this subtopic: research or use quora. 🙂

Make it rock.

If you want to take it step further, using a tool like Qapop can give you insane insights for your content strategy and figure out which questions to answer first. This is exactly what we are using at Socialtribes to run our content strategy, by answering the most relevant questions for our business first. Keep in mind, column B and C is what we added ourselves to understand where the person is in their customer journey.

This is what helped us identify questions like "How do people make money using Facebook" to scale our content marketing efforts for our first beta users.

Looking to further understand how to create your LinkedIn inbound strategy from scratch, here is a 15 step process.

April 1, 2022